My Morning Feminism: Sojourner Truth

Kerry Washington reads Sojourner Truth – YouTube.

When I wake up in the morning, I’ve gotten into the habit of reading through my social media feeds as I lie in the bed, slowly willing myself to start the day.

It’s almost like reading the newspaper over a cup of coffee with breakfast, but with less formality and fewer steps in the process.

Over the last two years, I’ve gotten to understand feminism in a way that I never have before, and I began to inhale think pieces from feminist bloggers. As a result, I’ve committed myself to celebrating and respecting other women and thinking about social justice from a feminist point of view.

The majority of media I choose to consume nowadays makes me feel empowered, and allows me to think critically about what makes me feel empowered and what makes me feel ashamed, specific to my femininity and womanhood. So in the morning, when I lie in bed reading my social media feeds, I often feel like I’m walking down an intellectual beach, picking up these pretty stones that have reminders written on them.

You have been having our rights so long, that you think, like a slave-holder, that you own us. I know that it is hard for one who has held the reins for so long to give up; it cuts like a knife. It will feel all the better when it closes up again. — Sojourner Truth

The video of Kerry Washington reimagining a speech by Sojourner Truth that I posted above, was one of those stones. As my boyfriend slept beside me, I watched it and couldn’t help but exclaim, “PREACH!”

Even though the speech is hundreds of years old, the words feel fresh and relevant as ever. I feel like I’m in the same club as Truth and Washington, and I feel a bit proud that we share these values, but I’m also sad that after all this time, women still need to fight for equality.

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