How Do I Solve A Problem Like A Terrifying Nightmare

A few hours ago, at about 2 am, my boyfriend woke me from a dream I was having because I was crying or whimpering very loudly in my sleep.

I was dreaming about something terrifying. There was a witch wearing a mask I saw in an episode of Dr. Who. A disembodied voice. A time machine. A friend who faked her death. A body in the trunk of a car.

Hours later, I still can’t get back to sleep so I’m searching for an explanation.

I went to bed feeling very anxious. I also ate a dinner full of dairy and wheat, both recommended I avoid per my doctor’s instructions. I also watched a particularly dark episode of Battlestar Gallactica before going to bed.

I’ve been dreaming a lot about unsuccessful time travel recently. In my dream world, traveling through time is possible, but I’m very bad at it.

I think this most recent nightmare explores the consequences of not being able to go back in time. The consequences are apparently severe in my dreams.

What do you suggest for sleepless nights? Any go-to remedies I should try?

2 thoughts on “How Do I Solve A Problem Like A Terrifying Nightmare

  1. I try to watch or read something super boring or uneventful because whatever I do before bed usually gets incorporated into a dream. I also go for a long walk and that will usually drain all of my energy at the end of the day. Then I finish the night off with some tea. Oh and sometimes when I’m having a scary dream I tell myself that it’s just dream and then I’m able to control whatever’s happening!

    • I wish I was better at saying to myself, “I’m a grownup, and this is what mature adults do to feel healthy.” And then I would drink tea, and I’d read this really boring book I keep next to my bed about butterflies, I would definitely not look at my phone for an hour before bed, and I definitely wouldn’t marathon freaky sci-fi TV shows. I would totally do yoga and go to sleep in shavasana pose. I used to be really good at going to bed in a responsible manner. One day I might go back to it and hopefully less terrifying dreams will result. 🙂

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