Date Night

Kids, when a man and a woman love each other very much…

Spontaneous midnight trips to a lookout in Talofofo for stargazing will turn into spontaneous nights in pajamas raiding the fridge for ice cream while watching Battlestar Gallactica on Netflix.

My boyfriend and I make it a point to spend time with each other; we go on dates that range on the romantic scale from food court Chinese food and buying shoes at Ross on one end of the spectrum to champagne brunch and a trip to Godiva at the other end. He makes me smile like no one else has ever been able to, but we’ve been together for a year and a half, so every once in a while things get a little humdrum.

And with two nights of the week blocked out hosting Soul Sessions on KPRG and Motown Mondays at Drop in Tumon, I definitely needed to schedule time just for us.

Enter: ShoootShooot.



You can see my weekly gig on the site, along with a lot of other great gigs happening on Guam on any given evening.

I pitched a couple of ideas to Cameron, and told him to meet me at the Bambu Bar for date night. 

A Sweet and Slow Start

Every Tuesday at the Outrigger Guam Resort’s Bambu Bar, legendary Guam musicians Jesse and Ruby play for an audience of tourists and locals.

As Ruby serenaded the room with smooth Hawaiian and Chamorro classics, Cameron and I split a plate of pulled pork sliders and glasses of libations.

The Fragolino Rosso that Cameron ordered was a delightful discovery, a sparkling sweet, red wine that feels very classy but tastes like grape soda for grown ups.

We laughed at each other’s jokes (mostly his jokes) and flirted like teenagers.

A Late Night Bite

I checked to find out more details about Delmonico’s extended dinner shift.

ShoootShooot's got the deets on X Shift

ShoootShooot’s got the deets on X-Shift

We’re foodies, and I had a hunch that the casual fare served up during the X-Shift would satisfy our thirst for adventurous flavors and make up for the fact that we didn’t have an actual dinner.

What the description doesn’t say, is that the late menu includes things like oysters, steamed clams and escargot.

Also, there are yummy wings.

Riding high on adventurous memories of exotic snails we’d eaten before we moved to Guam, we ordered the escargot, along with a small plate of Chimichurri “Flappers.”

The wings were very good, fresh out of the fryer, and covered with a savory mix of salt and herbs. The small bites from Delmonico, in addition to the sliders at Bambu Bar, turned out to be the perfect amount of tasty edibles for the evening.

All That Jazz

Cocktails and Jazz

Cocktails and Jazz

One of our favorite things to do is hang out with Darryl Taggerty at Drop on Tuesdays as he records Jazz on the 7th Day live. It was a pleasure to include the familiar scene on our date night.

Darryl played a few songs by one of the most memorable singers I’d ever come across: Melody Gardot.

It was the perfect end to a delightful evening with my guy.

Thanks for the adventure, ShoootShooot! I’m looking forward to the next one.

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